Using PhpStorm with remote documents directories

If you are attempting to use JetBrains PhpStorm in a domain environment with remote home directories you have probably ran into the following error message.

Config path '\\yourDomain\yourShare\yourUsername\.WebIde70\config' is invalid. If you have modified the 'idea.config.path' property please make sure it is corect, otherwise please re-install the IDE.

Needless to say, reinstalling will not help, and chances are you haven’t modified the idea.config.path property, however ironically this is exactly what you do need to do to fix the issue!

Having contacted JetBrains support (Who were very helpful!) I got to the bottom of this issue.  PhpStorm will not work with network locations, but it automatically picks up the documents directory from AD, which invariably will be a network location.

To force it to use another location open up (Found in C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\PhpStorm 8.0.3\bin  [change the PhpStorm version number accordingly] on Windows 7 64bit), uncomment the top two settings, “idea.config.path” and “idea.system.path” and set them to a location either directly on a local drive or on a mapped drive (Remember to use forward slashes!)  Although the error message only mentions “idea.config.path” you need to do both otherwise if you only change one of the paths you’ll get a similar message complaining about “idea.system.path”

Once done you can launch PhpStorm and it will load and work fine.

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